Gonzalo Samaniego is a Spain⁠-⁠born, NY⁠-⁠based architect currently working at OMA NY. Please contact here or on Instagram.
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An embassy for an unrecognized geopolitical entity.

The Hague’s two main types of soil historically determined the social status of its inhabitants: the humid peat was the ground for the working class, while the dry sand was reserved for higher classes. Embassies, with their bond with all that lies within the land they represent, call for an explicit relationship to the ground.

In the dense Scheveningse Bosjes park, the ground informs a diplomatic complex through basic forms, laid out in relation to the boundaries of peat and sand, two types of soil that historically divided The Hague. Cutting into the soil, the volumes interact with the ground in order to satisfy the requirements for an embassy by acknowledging and unifying the soil types.